Chocó Tucan

Chocó Tucan eating the Camacho’s flowers

Brown Wood-Rail

Interesting new observation  from the hide with the identification of a rare bird registered in danger on the red list of Ecuador. Brown Wood-Rail (Aramides wolf).


Nice surprise

Checking the  photos of the camera trap to look birds activity that appeared an Ocelot.

Trail camera

Trail camera

Another look

How not to fall in love with these little creatures. Here are some pictures of saltarines spiders from the garden taken by the photographer @Daniel Restrepo Gonzalez fotografo

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The blind snake

We finally meet the famous blind snake, (Amphisbaena varia), a surprising animal. it’s not a snake or a lizard, it moves like a worm. It is well and truly reptiles of the family Amphisbaenidae. He is not venomous but has too much to bother him he can bite.

DSCF8014 DSCF8029

Beauty with red eyes

Yesterday we identified a new crystal frog in a village stream, La Cochranela Litoralis. A thank you to Daniel Restrepo González – Fotógrafo for immortalizing this little beauty with red eyes.






Good news that we want to share, this week villagers from our village called us to pick up a Boa constrictor they found in a banana field. It is a joy to see that they have saved this species in danger, a great step forward in raising awareness of the area’s wildlife protection. Now this beautiful specimen of more than 1,5m is sheltered within the reserve.

16443874_10154300080273803_1399007721_o 16443943_10154300080813803_517424163_o

New amphibian

New register for our list of amphibians, now the number rises to 26. The genus is Epicrionops of the family Rhinatrematidae, we have to identify the species.

DSCF7700 DSCF7689

natural garland

No it’s not a branch of the Christmas tree, it’s just a garland of thorny insects.

DSCF7369 DSCF7382 DSCF7358


Migration period

It’s a good time to start observing migratory species, here are the first ones to arrive at the garden.

reinita-planidera      dscf9389

Mourning warbler                                                     Scarlet Tanager

Catharus ustulatus / Zorzal de swainson / Swainson's thrush / grive à dos olive

Swainson’s Trush