Water is life

After months of walking the streams, thanks to Eider, Pablo and the IndoAmerica University of Quito, we delivered the water map of the Los Laureles site. A very important job to understand the importance of water in the community.

frog and recognition

After 8 years of environmental conservation work, the environment ministry gave us a recognition for the discovery of a new crystal frog for Ecuador

Fish species

DSCF0965  DSCF0958

Research and identification of fish species in the watercourses of the reserve and the village by the Indo-América University of Quito. A work that will continue on several outings and workshops with the villagers.

Community tourism

This Saturday in the village we organized a presentation on community tourism, the idea is to create an association to be able to mount projects. Thanks to Galindo Parra, Paolo David Escobar and Monica Coque for their participation.

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