Our mission is to develop and spread alternative solutions to reconcile restoration of the biodiversity and economically viable agricultural practices.

Our actions : we offer visitors an opportunity to share our philosophy.

Healthy eating by discovering and consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, as an insight into the advantages of eating freshly grown crops according to the seasons and by adhering to decent production practices. We locally promote the organic products of our own farm, this without using any pesticides.
Using as most as possible the available local resources : these organic fruits and vegetables are grown and harvested for home consumption, encouraging healthy eating as a lifestyle choice. This organic farm is not designed to generate high-yield production.
Favoring the role of the native fauna : small huts were built in the orchard and near the vegetable garden to shelter the bats which help in pollinations of the fruit trees, in the natural control of insect populations, and in the production of guano which fertilizes the soil.
The use of draught animals for protection of soil
Transforming waste into a resource : The organic waste is systematically recycled into either compost, or feed for animals, who will in turn provide food for human consumption, and raw materials for crops.

The organic farm is also intended to become the location of visits and training courses : Read more

Our vegetable garden

Fish farming

Our livestock

The orchard

The barnyard