• Ecofarm

    Producing for self-consumption while respecting nature are the principles of this project. Thanks to the ecosystem services provided by biodiversity, our organic garden finds its own balance.

We offer our visitors to share a philosophy.

• Eat healthy discovering a wide variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the seasons.

 Use the resources available on the site: the products grown in “El Jardín de los Sueños” are consumed exclusively there, without intensive cultivation to generate a rotation.

 Transform waste into resources: organic waste is systematically recycled, either as compost or as food for our animals, that in turn supply our kitchen and / or fertilize our crops.

Vegetable patch


The vegetables and aromatic plants used in our kitchen come from our garden whenever possible. To preserve the soils from rain leaching, crops are grown in elevated containers, built with artesanal bricks from the Sierra.

To link the profitable with the pleasant, the garden is designed according to the principle of the mandala.



The orchard gathers more than a hundred varieties of tropical fruit trees from all over the world. It is a place of acclimatization to diversify local agricultural production. The organic farm is an example of the sustainable use of biodiversity. The goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of maintaining and enhancing food biodiversity.



The two basins of the fish farm are fed by water from the springs located in the protected forest of “El Jardín de los Sueños”. Tilapia farming ensures the supply of quality fish to our kitchen throughout the year.