• Terrestrial mammals

    Ecuador has 383 species of mammals; the last one was identified in 2013 (Bassaricyon neblina, Olinguito). The decrease in wooded areas, their fragmentation and intensive hunting resulted in populations of pumas, howler monkeys and capuchins in the area. The last deer was slaughtered in 2009. Since the creation of the project in 2011, Christophe has formally banned hunting on the site, thus enforcing the national law. Since then, it is possible to cross tattoos on the way, to see coatis or one of the many other species that have reclaimed the place. Nature is gradually recovering its rights, biodiversity is slowly recovering.

Species protection status 

Red List Ecuador: :

CR Danger of Critical Extinction
EN Danger of extinction
VU Vulnerable
NT Near threatened
DD Insufficient data


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