Our mission is to restore, preserve and enhance the value and recognition of the natural heritage of the region of Cotopaxi, while contributing to the development of a more balanced and fair relationship between man and nature.

Our actions :

  1. To restore the natural environments, wildlife and in particular, indigenous species : through active and passive reforestation of 81 acres (33 hectares) of grazing pasture since 2011, through the reforestation of all the gullies, in order to re-established the water cycle.
  2. To develop a monitoring and long-term management of the forest through regular inventories of the flora and fauna thanks to partnerships with universities and governmental and civil organizations.
  3. To involve local constituents in the natural preservation of the resources by recruiting local workers from the beginning of the project and by offering new working alternatives linked to the preservation of the natural heritage (conversion of former hunters into guides, preservation local knowledges …)
  4. To develop of projects to help based on environmental awareness within our reserve. This will be done through the creation of educational trails in order to enable the discovery of our natural heritage ; we will also set up hides to watch the fauna in its natural environment and offer accessible guided tours for all.

Our vision : El Jardin de los Sueños stands as an operator of the region’s biodiversity preservation, through the restoration of the rainforest.