• Nature reserve

    In the middle of a vast agricultural area, this isolated forest is full of great biodiversity that plays a great ecosystemic role for the surrounding population. Our mission: to restore, conserve and enhance the natural heritage of the region while contributing to the development of a more balanced relationship between people and nature.

Our actions :

  1. Restore natural habitats to resettle the species that depend on them: through the active and passive reforestation of 33 hectares of pasture since 2011, through the repopulation of all the ravines in order to restore the water cycle.
  2. Develop long-term monitoring and management of the forest: through regular inventories of fauna and flora carried out in teamwork with universities and government and civil organizations.
  3. Involve local communities in the conservation of natural resources: through the creation of participatory workshops with present scientific community representatives in the reserve.
  4. Develop environmental awareness projects within the reserve: creating educational trails to discover the natural heritage of the area, establishing viewpoints to observe wildlife in its natural environment without disturbing it, through guided tours accessible to the widest possible public and workshops of environmental education.

Our view: “El Jardin de los Sueños” is positioned as an actor in the conservation of biodiversity through the restoration of the tropical forest on its farm and the development of an active inventory of the species that inhabit there.