Newsletter 1er semestre 2021



  • “El Jardín de los Sueños” is declared an area of Importance for bat conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean (AICOM) within the RELCOM organization (
  • This new recognition on the role of the project in the preservation of environment is due to the study carried out on bats in the reserve by the PUCE University of Quito.
  • Among the 43 species present at the site, some are considered vulnerable, one is classified as critically endangered and a new species has been referenced for the first time in Ecuadorian territory (Choeroniscus godmani).
  • It is important to note that the presence of all these species brings an undeniable ecosystem service to those who live near the reserve. In fact, thanks to insectivorous species that feed on a large number of insect that are disease vectors  for humans or for agricultural crops, and to nectariferous species that pollinate plants, the human being is a great beneficiary of the presence of this animal .
  • To raise public awareness about this animal, we have created an educational trail with panels and photos through which it is possible to discover or learn more about their biology, anatomy, mythology and beliefs … 


  • Urotheca lateristriga, a new species of snake is added to the list of reptiles in the reserve, increasing the number of snakes to 32. One of the peculiarities of this species is that it has the ability to unsheathe part of its tail when attacked by a predator like some lizards do.


  • The list of butterflies in the reserve has aroused the interest of the Florida Museum of Natural History “McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity.” They came to make a first visit and collect some species for a DNA study. The inventory list increases over the months, we have reached 174 species.


  • The educational trail on reptiles is finally finished, allowing visitors to discover all the species present in the reserve within the 4 large groups, snakes, lizards, turtles and amphisbenids.

To support the project, here is a solidarity fund link, feel free to help or share it around you.


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