A protected forest

Located in Ecuador, in the biodiversity “hot spot”, on the edge of the Valley of Illinizas, El Jardín de los Sueños offers an original ecotourism site designed to raise sensitivity to the environment and to encourage an abiding respect for nature.

An ideal place for

• a connection with nature

• a deep observation and study of the region’s flora and fauna

• a discovery and a learning of the region’s organic farming process

• an opportunity to “unplug”, to relax and think in order  to  re-establish a meaningful connection with oneself

• a spiritual retreat, designed for individuals or groups


"I have a dream..."

This project was born several year ago, as part of a personal approach and desire to live in tune with nature. Its culmination point is the result of a compilation of real-life experiences, know-how, and a desire to bond with the native communities, in a real way. It took a year and a half journey through many areas of Latin America to finally come to Ecuador, and in particular, The Valley of Ilinizas, where now stands El Jardín de los Sueños.

El Jardín de los Sueños is

  • a conservation project based on the respect and the protection of the region’s unique biodiversity and environment

  • a philosophy and lifestyle to be shared through the development of an eco-farm

  • a place of rest and well-being where all can come to re-energize both physically and spiritually, while being far from the noise of our increasingly urban lives

  • a place of creation and artistic exchange

El Jardín de los Sueños needs you : Do you wish to participate in our adventure ? can you help by bringing your technical, human, artistic collaboration ? won’t you lend your financial support ? If your answer is yes, you are welcome !