To make the observation of certain species of birds easier, a Hide was build at the entrance of the hiking trails.
This structure was designed to emerge into the surrounding nature.
To attracted as many different birds as possible; apart from fruit-eaters; a pond was constructed next to the Hide; where birds can refresh themselves.

Technical data of the hide:
Date of construction: 2016
Number of photographed birds from the hide: 49
Floor space: 5m2 Height: 200 cm
Water volume: 120 l Water depth: 4 – 10 cm
Distance between hide and end of pond: 2,5m
Recommended focal lenght: 400-600 mm
Orientation of photography: 2 voies
Orientation: Pond sud/nord – Feeding ground nord/est
Photography surface via: one-way glass, loosing 1 1/3 aperture
Size of glass: one of 50×25 cm and two of 40×25
Inside temperature: 20-25 ° C
Clothing: upper clothes dark
Room Availability: 3 pax