Our philosophy

Living in harmony with nature means minimising our impact on the earth.

The lodge has been designed in a way that it practically becomes one with nature: bamboo construction built on stilts, green roof, clay painting, composting toilet, organic products, handmade furniture, … We work towards recreating a balance between humans and nature.

The green roof means that the whole construction is used to 100%. It is your private terrace with a lovely panorama: an ideal place to admire the sunsets.

The shower and basin use collected rainwater. All the water you use returns to nature through a phyto-filter system. An organic soap  from Ecuador is at your disposal. They do not contain any damaging chemicals and the ingredients do not come from any protected areas in Ecuador.


Why composting toilets?

On average, households use 1/3 of their water consumption to flush toilets. By using composting toilets we save water, a resource that is becoming rare but that is essential to life – lack of drinking water is the first cause of mortality in the world.

To avoid water pollution, composting toilets do not use any water.

Human waste can be recycled and transformed into humus, a very nourishing earth for plants. Using composting toilets raises awareness about our production of waste and revalues its use to produce organic compost for our garden.

Copal lodge

Samán lodge